By:Angelina Lu

Daedalus and King Minos
(The Labyrinth)

Daedalus was the most famous inventor in all of Greek history. In one myth, it was said that he lived 2000 years, escaping the wrath of death from the god of the underworld, Hades, for 2000 years. When Daedalus was a young man, he served as inventor to the great but evil king Minos. Under Minos’ order he built his most famous invention-the ancient magical labyrinth on Crete. In some stories, that was true, but others say it is not true. Pasiphae, wife and queen to Minos had a child with a bull, which was known as the Minotaur, named after King Minos. It was Minos’ punishment for lying to the great lord of the seas, Poseidon, as in lying about the sacrifice he would make to Poseidon, a beautiful white bull. Ariadne, daughter of Minos and Pasiphae, fell in love with a Greek hero named Theseus. Theseus wanted to kill the monster Minotaur. In order to help him, Ariadne commanded that Daedalus make a ball of magic yarn that would show him the way around the ancient labyrinth.

Family (Perdix and Icarus)

Daedalus had two sons- Icarus and Iapyx, but Icarus was the more famous son of Daedalus. In the myth, Daedalus’ wife was never mentioned, nor was his parents. At that time in history, women were not as important as the men of the family. Daedalus did have one nephew, Perdix. Perdix was an intelligent young boy, quick and fast thinking. Daedalus was the most famous inventor of Greece, and had feared that one day Perdix might become smarter than he, himself. Thus was not true, of course but Daedalus was determined to rid his enemies, even his own nephew. So, one day, he threw a mechanical beetle over to Perdix, made him loose his balance, and fall over a cliff. Icarus, his son was a clever inventor, too. Daedalus hated king Minos, and decided to run away. He could not travel by sea, so he flew. By using wax and the feathers of birds, to make a pair of great wings for each of Daedalus and Icarus they soared away like birds. Daedalus had taught him that if he flew too near the sun, the wax will melt, and that if he flew too near the ocean, the feathers will get wet and heavy. But Icarus did not heed his father’s warning, and flew too near the sun, which melted the wax on his wings, which made him fall into the sea and drown.
Sculpture of Daedalus

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