Wine, a symbol of Dionysus

A picture of Dionysus

Dionysus====By:Bill Zhang ET5B====

Dionysus is the god of wine, strawberry and grape vines, drunkness, and leopards. He was born to the mortal princess Semele and the lightning god Zeus. He was originally born to Demeter and Zeus, but Hera was mad Zeus had a child with Demeter. Hera sent the Titans after Dionysus and the Titans destroyed every part of Dionysus except the heart which was rescued by Athena. Athena gave the heart to Zeus which gave the heart to Semele. Semele ate the heart and had reborn Dionysus.
When Dionysus was growing up he found out that vines can be used to make juice. Hera was still made and made Dionysus wander through the world. Dionysus wandered to many places. In one village he went he taught the people there how to make wine, the village made Dionysus the main god of their city.
Dionysus was once captured by pirates. The pirates didn’t know Dionysus was a god, so they tied him up on
a pole. Then Dionysus turned the mast into vines and the pirates went mad and jumped of board. To save the pirates Dionysus turned the pirates into Dolphins.
One time when Dionysus went to his old school, he found his teacher, Silenus missing. Silenus was drunk and wandered off. Midas then found him and made him stay in the castle for a few days. When Dionysus found out Silenus was in Midas’s castle, he said that he would grant a wish for Midas. Midas asked that for everything he touched, it would turn to gold. So Dionysus granted that wish. Midas was happy at first, but then when he turned his food, daughter, and wine turned into gold, he got frustrated. Dionysus said to put his hands into the river. Then the powers transferred to the river and the sand turned yellow. That's why the sand is yellow.
Dionysus wasn’t an Olympian god, but is still famous. He is known as a positive god because he gave wine out to foreign people. He had done many things for people to make them happier.

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