Greek God; Hermes
Hermes, also called the Mercury, was the son of Zeus and Maia. He was the god of the shepherds, travelers, merchants, and even thieves. He was the god that guides people to the He had a role of the gods to be their messenger.

Hermes was born in Mount Cyllene. When his mother was tired after the baby was born, she placed Hermes in a cradle, and took a nap. When Maia was sleeping, Hermes went as far away as Pieria, where Apollo’s herds were. Then, he made a lyre with the cows’ intestines. He stole some of them before Apollo could know. That’s why he became the god of thieves.

When Hermes was sent to Zeus to give the cows back, Hermes played the lyre, which impressed Apollo. So, Apollo made Hermes keep the cows.

Like Apollo, Hermes couldn’t live without music. So, he invented the syrinx. Apollo liked it so much, he trade his staff, kerykeion(greek), or also called the caduceus(roman).

Hermes also had a lot of wives. They are Aphrodite, and a dryope nymph. With these wifes, Hermes had Hermaphroditus, from Aphrodite, and Pan, from the dryope nymph, as a children.

This is Hermes going to olympus to send a messege.
This is Hermes going to olympus to send a messege.