Ancient Greek Medics
By: Diana Sycheva
Ancient Greece played an important part in medical history. The most famous doctors in Ancient Greece were Hippocrates. “The knowledge of medicine developed accordingly."

The Ancient Greeks thought that illness and disease were effected people because of the gods, and so only the gods could cure them, also the priests. “Hippocrates believed that the work of doctors should be kept separate from the work done by priests.” .Many people thought scientists and thinkers were not honouring the Gods.

Diseases were one of the greatest problems in Ancient Greece. Some babies died before they were one years old, some died when they were ten. Most people died in their forties or fifties. So Ancient Greek doctors thought humor of a person also caused diseases.

The doctors thought that a human was made out of four substances: blood, black and yellow bile, and phlegm (means boogers).
If you are healthy, it was because all of the humors were balanced. If
you had a lot of one , you would be unbalanced and you would feel sick. Greek doctors also thought that some climates increased the amount of a humor in your body. If you lived in a wet or cold climate, that would increase the amount of phlegm, for example. “One treatment might be to move to a drier or warmer climate to balance out your humors again.”

A doctor getting blood out of a patient

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