Philip II in Macedonia
By: Andrew Tan
Introduction of Philip II
In 382 B.C., Philip was born in Pella, capital of Macedonia. Macedonia was in south Eastern Europe, or northern Greece. His father was king Amyntas ll, and his mother was Olympia.

When Philip II took throne...
He took the throne when Macedonia was about to collapse. The Thracians was attacking Macedonia, but he quickly gave him gifts so he could order his troops to retreat. At that time, the eastern Macedonians were controlled by the lllyrians. He freed them and got really famous. His son, Alexander, was one of the honored people. In a war against another country, he realized his phalanx was used by everyone. He started to improve the phalanx of his. First, he trained them into a line of people that can turn whenever they want. That is an advantage because when they cannot be turned, they can only go in a straight line, so it is easy to go from the side and attack. With that improvement, he controlled many more countries near Rome. When he noticed that their spears were too short, he invented the Sarrisa, a long spear that can be attacked from long range. With his organized phalanx, they started to win nearly every single battle. When he was about to destroy Persia, he got assassinated by one of his bodyguard in 336 B.C., called Pausanias, so his plan couldn’t work.

His Death
After his death, his son, Alexander was the king. Alexander continued his father’s work. He made an empire in around 11 years! He conquered a lot more than his father, so some people call him Alexander the Great.
image of phalanx in Macedonia.jpg

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