Trojan War
By: Dylan Sanders
The humongous wooden horse that carried 40 men inside.

The Trojan War was a conflict between the Greeks and the Trojan that lasted about 10 years. The Greeks attacked Troy because the Greek “Gods” told them to do it.

Greek warriors tried, but couldn’t, breach the walls of Troy. The city of Troy had well built stonewalls all around the city which provided great defence for attacks against Troy. Trojan footmen could defend against the Greeks while Trojan archers rained arrows all over the Greeks. After ten years, a man named “Odysseus” came up with a plan. Odysseus asked his men to create a humongous hollow wooden horse, which he left outside the gates of Troy. The Greeks had ships go as if they admitted they lost this battle. That wasn’t true though because after the Trojans celebrated the Greeks had left, they brought the big wooden horse in as a trophy. About 40 Greek men were inside waiting for nightfall to come upon them. At night, the Greek men hidden inside the wooden horse came out and unlocked the gates while no one was looking. The Greek army just hid and waited, until the gates were open, they rushed inside and won the battle, which was the end of Troy.

The cause of the battle really started after Paris, prince of Troy, abducted Helen of Sparta. Also the Greeks thought it was because two gods got married but didn’t invite a specific god… The god of discord, Eris. Paris was told from Aphrodite that he shall have the most “beautiful” woman in the world which was Helen of Sparta married to Menelaus. After, the Greeks tried to find Troy and destroy it. Helen warned the people of Troy not to trust the Greeks. Helen even knew that the wooden horse was a trick to destroy Troy, but still after countless efforts of telling the people of Troy it was a trap no one believed her, not even Paris himself.

A recreation of Troy by a computer

It ended pretty well for the Greeks for they had a city that could defend itself, they had more land, and it was a good trading center. As for the Trojans just got conquered and of course, lost land.

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