Ancient Greek Weapons
By: Ken Suzuki
Ancient Greek civilization is considered as one of the most powerful and dominant civilizations in history. Ancient Greeks city-states were not only involved in constant battles with each other, but also with the neighboring countries such as Rome, Macedonia, Persia to safeguard their land from invasion. Due to this reason, ancient Greeks were compelled to maintain very strong military and naval forces, which were proficient in all kinds of warfare techniques. In ancient times, battles were fought using heavy, sharp weapons. Firearms had not been invented back then. The ancient Greek wars were fought differently because the weapons were fashioned differently. Infantry used to be the backbone of any ancient Greek army. Armed infantry soldiers went to battle carrying spears, and heavy shields that were called hoplons. These soldiers were called hoplites. They fought in broad daylight using sharp weapons such as spears, double-edged swords, and shields. They mostly specialized in hand-to-hand combats and were skilled in using swords and spears. They never had any pre-planned war strategy. They relied on their personal warfare skills and those of the fellow soldiers. Weapons were extremely important decisive factors when it came to winning wars. Ancient Greeks invented many weapons and were well-versed in military and naval skills. Ancient Greeks brought about many innovations in the technology of warfare. Some of the weapons were shield, spear dagger or sword and a catapult. Ancient Greeks were constantly at war - either among themselves for example between city-states such as Athens, Corinth, Sparta and Thebes, or against the neighboring countries.

different types of weapons

differnt types of swords

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