By:Jocelyn Ding
Basic facts:

Greek buildings are based of the post and line system, The post and line system is made up of columns which are large upright posts.Greek builders carved plants, scenes of battles, and mythological creatures on the buildings and columns that they built.

Main designs of columns:
Doric:the doric is the most simple and old way of building, the doric does not have a base, they have very small amount of decoration. The doric columns were built from stone but they were built originally from wood.
Ionic:the ionic is thin and tall it’s more decorative than the doric. The top and bottoms(base) are normally decorated in scrolls and other patterns.
Corinthian:the corinthian is a lot like the ionic, but it is more decorative than the ionic, usually with leaves and floral(flowery)pattern.

Parthenon, the famous temple in Athena:
It’s mostly famous for the doric column’s designs, designer of the Parthenon which is Pericles, and the statue of Athena which is built by Pheidias from gold and ivory. The main purpose of the Parthenon is to habit Athena’s statue. In the Greek’s tradition of temples no visitors are allowed in the temple they can only glimpse the statues and treasures from the open doors.

Greek Theaters:
The Greek theaters are vey well designed, the theaters will be built beside hills, that way when the performers perform they perform at the bottom of the hill and the the rows of seat will continue up the hill and that way eve yon can see and hear the performance.
This is the modern day parthenon

Greek Columns.jpg
These are the 3 kinds of Greek Colomns
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