The Persian Empire
The Persian empire is an empire which is started in about 50 B.C.E., and ended in about 330 B.C.E. It began when Cyrus the Great absorbed the Medes into Persia and began to expand to the west, taking over Mesopotamia and Asia Minor.
After years, the Persian empire began to turn stronger and stronger, and they became one of the most powerful empire at that time.
In 490 B.C., the Persian king Darius invaded Greece whith about 20,000 Persian soldiers. They landed by the plain of Marathon, near Athens. This flat plain was perfect for them. But after a long time, the Persians still can’t defeat the Greeks, because of their Phalanx. The form of Phalanx was very powerful on flat plains, so the Greeks def
eated the 20,000 Persian soldiers easily. So the Greeks won the first Persian war in the battle of Marathon.
Darius thought about attacking Greece again, but unfortunately he died before he could launch another attack. But his son, Xerxes continued the invasion.
In 480 B.C.E., Xerxes assembled an invasion force of about 100,000 men to attack Greece. At first, the Spartan stopped the huge Persian army with only a few soldiers and their Phalanx, and it kept for few days.
Then, a Greek traitor showed the Persians another path through the mountains. The Persian attacked from both side of the mountain, the Spartans died heroically, in defense of Greece. Then, the Persians went to attack the Athens, with their 1,200 warships. The Athens used a way to defeat all the Persian navy. They hided until the Persian saw the island near empty and burnt the island. The Greeks navy suddenly appeared and attacked from the side. With the big surprise, the Persian navy was crowded, and very soon they were defeated.
The two Persian wars made them lost a lot of soldiers, and finally, Alexander the great led his Greek army and ended the Persian empire in 330 B.C.E.

The Persian army

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