By: Ryan Cheng

Socrates is a great philosopher in ancient Greece. He had a lot of wonderful thinking and achievements in philosophy. Well, although Socrates had great thinking, but his life is hard. People should know about this great philosopher.
Socrates is born in 469BC in Athens and died in 399BC. He is one of the founders of ancient philosophy. He had some famous students like, Plato, Xenophon, and Aristophanes. His important ideas are Socratic Method and Socratic irony. Socrates’ family wishes he can be a foot solider. He did and he joined the army to fight for several battles in the Peloponnesian War. Later on, he love philosophy, and quit the army. But he love philosophy too much, he died because he only believe philosophy and do not believe Greek gods anymore. He also had a lot of questions about wisdom and good life.
In the beginning, we talked about his method and irony. First, let’s talk about his kind of irony. Irony is when somebody tease you, you tease back. But when it comes to Socratic irony it means totally different. You act like you are innocent or you do not know what are they talking about, when it is Socratic irony. And his method is just a way to think of problems. We ask ourselves many problems when we have a problem and then we think of and find the answer of our questions. In the process you may get more and more questions, but in this way you can understand more of your question by getting all the answers for your questions.
Well, Socrates is a great philosopher, but he wrote nothing down. So we can only believe on his students. His life is poor but he have a lot of knowledge in philosophy.
socrates 3.jpg
This the Greek philosopher, Socrates trying to solve problems

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