Thebes, Greece

By: Esther Wang ET5C
The Thebes of the modern day is a bustling market town. Thebes is located in Central Greece as a city of Boetia. Tourist attractions and historical sites are plentiful in Thebes and its surrounding villages. Besides known for historical sites, Thebes is also known for its products and wares, which are greatly acknowledged across Greece.

Thebes first started as one of those very first fortified communities. It was just like any other at the time. But it became one of importance amongst the others because of its military strength and power. After some battles and victories for Thebes, the community rose into a respectful and awed position in Boetian society. Nothing much more is known, except that in the early times Thebes was ruled by aristocracy.

The Thebans were known as fierce warriors, and got involved in a lot of battles and wars. When they finally did conquer someone, Athens helped them rebel the Thebans, and succeeded. In this way, the Thebans went into hostile contact with the Athenians. With that reason, when the battle between Sparta and Athens started, Thebes was a firm support of Sparta. The things was, after Athens downfall, the Thebans secretly changed alliance and started helping the Athenians secretly. They did not stand by Athens in public, but were rooting for Athens. The assisting grew more fierce as the Thebans managed to turn the nucleus of Sparta’s very own league against them.
After the raging war, Thebes maintain a peace with Athens. It did not last long, however. The Athenians were what stood in the way for a Theban empire so they could not gain power. And after the deaths of some heroes of Thebes, the city sank to secondary power for some time.

When Alexander the Great invaded against Greece, he destroyed Thebes, even though his father, Philip of Macedonia, did reside there for a while before he died. For some time, Thebes wasn’t a pretty sight to whoever came there. When the city finally got restored, the power and glory of before did not return as fast as they liked. Thebes was quickly besieged by some foreigners. One of the heroes of Thebes eventually defeated the foreigners, and set on the path to make Thebes powerful again. Though some unfortunate things followed after, it wasn’t long before Thebes was just as powerful as before.
At the start of the Byzantine age, Thebes became a safe refuge for people to hide when hostile foreigners came. As the Byzantine empire wore on, Thebes became a centre for silk trading. The silk made by Thebes were far more prized than any other silk made by any other people. Time drew on, and Thebes even surpassed the empire's capital city.
Thebes was rich, so very rich, from all its trading. It was so respected the Frankish dynasty took Thebes as its capital. Then Thebes got moved to Athens, Over there, the trading went down a bit. But that didn't bother other people. A lot of companies took Thebes as its capital, and one even changed Thebes’ name. Finally a group
captured Thebes and controlled it until the War of Independence came, when Thebes became the place it is today.

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